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In this day and age, everyone and their brother is on a dating Web site. And if you've been on one for more than five minutes, you've gotten them - those unbelievably lame, skeezy, and unintentionally hilarious first messages from people whose goal is *supposed* to be attracting you rather than making you run in abject horror. This blog is for sharing the utter joys of those messages.

If you've gotten a message like this on any dating Web site (or even a similar "intro" message on an instant messenger or through e-mail), take a screenshot, edit out any identifying names/user info and send it to worstfirstmessages@yahoo.com, and if it's hilarious, I'll post it! If you think your response is particularly witty as well, feel free to include that, too. Make sure you also tell me who to give credit to for the submission, if you don't want to be anonymous. You can use your real name or a screenname, doesn't matter to me. If you don't specifically tell me who to give credit to, I'll just keep it anonymous.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is the inaugural post of this blog. Welcome! The idea for this blog was spawned when my friends and I began trading stories of the worst "introductory" messages sent to us by someone with the intent to seduce and/or attract us. Some of these were first messages on dating sites, on instant messengers, through private messages on various web forums... no matter how we received them, they had one thing in common: we couldn't believe these people actually thought others would fall for their lines.

What better way to entertain the masses than to share the idiocy? I hope you'll find them alternately hilarious, nauseating, pathetic, and indescribable, and I hope you'll share yours as well.

This blog is specifically intended to not be hetero-centric, so I hope my LGBTQ readers will feel free to submit their experiences, too!

The next post will cover how to submit the messages you want to share!

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